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We are one of the largest suppliers of fabrics for the quilt industry of Nepal. The fabrics for the quilt industry are available in various types and sizes.


  • Local as well as imported fabrics are available.
  • A variety of traditional and modern designs can be chosen from.
  • Types: 100{3cba7c47c545d9bac4d9bddc6886073d1a89e484f032aeb4ffaf49a40b4dc502} polyester, 100{3cba7c47c545d9bac4d9bddc6886073d1a89e484f032aeb4ffaf49a40b4dc502} cotton, CVC, TC, Printed/Plain.
  • Width:

                        Single   150-200 cm    Medium         180-220 cm

                        Large    200-230 cm   Extra Large    220-250 cm